hu Sustainable house - case study

What is a Sustainable house?

A house that's consumption of natural resources, observing its whole life cycle, is less than the natural resources of the given area, fallen on the house. (Medgyasszay, 2009) See more: Sustainable house.

Architectural concept

Theextant "L" shaped building faces on the street (northeast) with its shorter section. The representative rooms of the original house was placed into this shorter annex. These 4 m floor-to-ceiling height rooms are decorated with pargets and rosace. Because of the facade and the age of the house it is a protected building. The facad has to be restored in its original shape. The longer section of the house faces to the garden. Here based the dormitories, where the clearance is shorter as in the front. Regarding the original shape of the house the neighbor to south-east has to be mentioned. In formal times it was a pontifical building. The house has pent-roof, what forms a 9 m high facade to the extant building, which reduces significant the period of sunlight.

The facade of the existing and the planned building

The planning concept is to enlarge the longer side of the "L" shape into "U" shape. Lack of sunlight an office and bedroom will be placed behind the street facade, while the often used family spaces, like living room, kitchen and dining room will be placed towards the silent garden on the southwest. A shady courtyard garden evolves surrounded by the sections of the building and the neighbors' gable. The new wing facing to the garden was planned with a sunny terrace. The use of solar energy potential is much higher with the new architectural concept of house.

The architectural concept was honorably mentioned by the Architectural Council of Local Government.

The ground floor plan of the planned building