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If you are requesting a design quotation, please give us more details about the next informations:

  • a description of the rooms ideally required, their size and their relationship to each other,
  • architectural ideas (photographs, drawings),
  • description of the technical building needs,
  • land parcel number, possibly an official site plan,
  • photographs of the building site,
  • imagined planning-, and construction schedule,
  • designed construction costs.

    Belső Udvar Office

    medgyasszay peter

    Medgyasszay Péter PhD

    executive director, architect PhD, MBA
    E-mail: belsoudvar[at]
    Tel: +36-20-471-4676

    Vivien Sárkány

    E-mail: vivienbelsoudvar[at]
    Tel: +36-30-435-9959
    Revesz Gabriella

    Révész Gabriella

    architect, environmental engineer
    E-mail: gabriellarevesz[at]
    Tel: +36-30-986-6727

    Tamás Zalai

    E-mail: zalai.toma[kukac]
    Tel: +36-30-267-4652
    belsoudvar epitesziroda