Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions to our office staff. We recommend that you read them!

Question about management

What are the main steps of building a house? Who needs to be envolved?
Choose the plot.

It is advisable for the Owner to consult with an Expert to clarify his need.

Acquisition of Theoretic Building Permission, or Building Permission.

The Architect coordinates the needs of the Owner with technical, aesthetic and economical viewpoints and supplies formal documentation and authorization. During the design, if there is a need, the Architect collaborates with structural, mechanical, electric, transport engineers, landscape and interior designers, etc… The Architect recommended/obliged to consult with special authorities, like Chimney Sweeps, Health Officer Offices, water, electric and gas service providers, etc….

Production of a construction plan.

In this phase the Architect makes a much more detailed plan of the permitted one, in order to be able to estimate the building cost as precisely as possible and to give the contractor a detailed plan from what he should actually build.

Calling for tender, choosing the Contractor and making the contract.

On the basis of the construction plan the Architect or a Price expert makes a detailed cost calculation. With this calculation applications can be tendered using the actual price and time schedule. To finally choose and the make a contract it is strongly recommended to ask for an experts help.


According to Hungarian law a Contractor with appropriate expertice and a Liable Technical Manager has to be hired. It is recommended that the Contractor keep contact with the Architect in order to develop further plans if unforeseen problems occur. Moreover, for the representation of his technical and economic interest, the laws advise the Owner to hire a Technical Supervisor.

Acquisition of the Occupation Permit.

Before the actual occupation of the building there is a last permit process in order to certify that the attributes of the house comply with the regulations. The Owner appeals for the permit with the Local Authority on the basis of final disclaimers from the Contractor, certificates of the Public Service Providers and the construction plan.

What is the role of Belső Udvar Office in the realization of my project?

We offer service in the phases below:

  • Consultation about a plot from legal, technical and economical points of view
  • Elaboration of the complex permit plan, with theorical permit plan or consultation with the local Design Council (if needed)
  • Elaboration of partial or full construction plan
  • Elaboration of priced or an unpriced cost calculation
  • Recommendation of Contractor, invitation and evaluation of tenders, preparation of construction contract
  • On-site consultation.
What information do we need from you to give you an offer?

We enter into a written contract before beginning the various levels of planning.

The contract for the preparation of the permition plan or simplyfied notification documentation is preceded by an offer. An offer is made in writing with the knowledge of the design program, typically after a personal meeting. Information required to submit an offer:

  • ideally a description of the expected spaces, their size and their relationship to each other,
  • formal previews (collection of photographs, blueprints),
  • description of building engineering needs (way of heating, cooling, etc.),
  • topographical number of the building site, possibly official site plan,
  • photographs of the construction site,
  • imaginary planning and construction schedule,
  • rough amount of the planned costs for construction.

In addition to the commitment price, the offer fixes the planning program and provides information on the partial deadlines of the planning process. On the basis of the accepted offer, we conclude a design contract for the permition plan or simplyfied notification documentation, which, in addition to the commitment price and deadline, fixes the technical content of the plans and includes the finalized construction program.

We can usually make an offer for the final documentation after the permition plan or simplyfied notification documentation has been prepared. If required, we can estimate the content and fee of the required and recommended documentation.