We, the staff of Belső Udvar Architect Research and Expert Office are much aware of the effects of human activities have on the environment, and the limited natural resources of Planet Earth. We concentrate our activities on the design and construction of sustainable, ecological and humane buildings, in co-operation with other economic-, scientific- and non-profit organisations, as well as with the state administration. Our motto is: “ecologically acceptable and economically sustainable”.


The Belső Udvar Architect Research and Expert Office is made up by two companies, doing different activities. The Belső Udvar Partnership, was founded in 1998, mainly makes expert advises on building physics and investment management. The Belső Udvar 2008 Architect, Reseach ans Expert Ltd mainly does architectural design, research and expert advises.

Company information

Belső Udvar 2008 Architect Research and Expert Ltd:
Short name: Belső Udvar 2008 Ltd.
Official residence, postal address: 2600 Vác, Budapesti főút 57.
Personal consultation possible also in Budapest, Vác and Gödöllő!
Telephone/Fax: +36 27 317-510
E-mail: belsoudvar [at]
Registration number: 13-09-140640
Tax number: 14297074-2-13
International Tax number: HU14297074
Bank account: ERSTE Bank 11600006-00000000-93688275
Executive director: Péter Medgyasszay (architect PhD, MBA)

Our Staff

medgyasszay peter

Medgyasszay Péter PhD

executive director, architect PhD, MBA
E-mail: belsoudvar[at]
Tel: +36-20-471-4676
Revesz Gabriella

Révész Gabriella

architect, environmental engineer
E-mail: gabriellarevesz[at]
Tel: +36-30-986-6727

Tamás Zalai

E-mail: zalai.toma[kukac]
Tel: +36-30-267-4652

Antalóczy Dávid (2018-2020), Borbély Krisztián (2009), Büki Péter (2004-2017), Déri-Papp Éva (2010-12), Győri Blanka (2023), Jámbor Tamás (2009), Jároli József (2001-2003), Karcagi Eszter (2009), Kazinczy Gyöngyvér (2005-2006), Medgyasszay Péter (1998-), Nagy Árpád (2004-2005), Szulágyi Zsófia (2005), Révész Gabriella (2009-2011, 2017-), Sárkány Vivien (219-), Szakmáry Donát (2008-2011), Virág Norbert (2016), Zalai Tamás (2022-), Zalavári Márk (2022-), Zorkóczy Zoltán (2004-2005), Zsoldos Anna (2016)

Research partners

Partners of Belső Udvar Architect and Expert Office in architecture research:

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