Bárdudvarnok Family house – permission plan 2019 (en translation)

Bárdudvarnok első épületmodell foto

At the request of our highly motivated and prepared Customer, we designed a Solar House not yet built in Hungary on the basis of Swiss concepts, supported by dynamic building simulation calculations not commonly used in our design practice. The building has a lower calculated primary energy demand for heating than a passive house (here without heat recovery ventilation), caused by the significantly higher stored and utilized solar energy than in an average building.


  • Architect: Medgyasszay Péter. Co-architects: Sárkány Vivien, Czapek Ádám
  • Dynamic simulation: Medgyasszay Péter.
  • Structural designer: Antalóczy Dávid
  • Fire protection: Garabics Tibor


Introduction of the project at the first building simulation workshop in Hungary.